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Annual General Meeting 2018

Held on 28-Oct-2017 at the SHCA Community Centre, Byfleet

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2018
Public Communication

Surrey Hindu Cultural Association conducted its second AGM on Sun, Oct 28, 2017, as per the advance notice and agenda issued to registered members. The meeting was attended by 4 Trustees and a room full of members of the public. 



  • Mr Anurag Saluja

  • Mr Guru Pandit

  • Mr Ritesh Aswaney

  • Dr Shashank Sharma


  • Ms Kavita Rathore

  • Mr Ravi Thyagarajan

The proceedings commenced with a welcome note by Dr. Shashank Sharma, who greeted the audience and thanked them for their support.

Mr. Ritesh Aswaney, Comms Manager, then presented an overview of the Association’s activities and events during 2018.  Mr. Rajesh Rao, Auditor, then presented the financial report for the year ended 31-Dec-2017. 


Highlights of the Annual Report

  • SHCA has filed to receive gift-aid from HMRC during the current financial year

  • All the events organised by SHCA during 2017 has had a surplus and the charity's financial health is good

  • It was agreed that this statement of accounts shall be filed with the Regulator


The following existing trustees stepped down from their post in the committee

  • Mr Anurag Saluja

  • Mr Guru Pandit

  • Dr Shashank Sharma

Due to reduced The following trustees were deemed as resigned and no longer part of the committee

  • Ms Kavita Rathore

  • Mr Ravi Thyagarajan

The following patrons were inducted into the Committee as Trustees

  • Ms Meeta Joshi

  • Mr Prasad Tavva

  • Mr Ram Kharel

We wish the new trustees a successful year ahead to take SHCA forward into 2019

The old committee will handover the responsibilities to the new committee over the next 4 weekends and the new committee will announce the new office bearers after holding their discussions.

Annual Report 2017
As presented during AGM
Highlights of 2018
As presented during AGM
AGM 2018 Minutes
Annual Report 2018
Highlghts 2018

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