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About SHCA

Surrey Hindu Cultural Association based in Byfleet, Woking is a charitable association to help Hindu community connect for various cultural, religious and community activities.

We organise Saturday temple from 6.30 pm for our devotees who join us to chant religious Hindu hymns such as Sri Vishnu Sahsranam, sing Bhajans and spiritual songs as well as participate in community dinner.

By combining the principles of Gyan (Knowledge), Bhakti (Devotion) and Yoga, people can awaken their soul and attain self-realization. For this purpose, the Association proposes to work towards:


Bhakti (Devotion):
  • providing a Hindu cultural centre and a temple for worship in Surrey 

  • offering facilities for religious functions and performing of religious rites – prayers, havan, puja, aarti

  • celebrating Indian festival and events towards our strong belief of ‘Unity in Diversity’


Gyan (Knowledge):

  • helping younger generations understand the value of Indian philosophy, culture, tradition, and rich spiritual heritage

  • fostering community education and relationship through understanding, cooperation, co-existence and goodwill

  • organising events that nurture and promote Indian traditional and Bollywood dance, plays, and other curricular activities that help an individual's development 

  • extending knowledge and way of living to larger community and neighbourhood in Surrey



  • Organising Yoga and meditation camps for Surrey residents

  • Satsang and Shibir To provide the knowledge and information on the greatness of Indian culture and to provide the knowledge of various types of techniques of meditation to the general public. Where one can learn and study various meditation techniques to progress on his spiritual path and attain peace in life. 

We, Hindus, strongly believe in वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) or "the world is one family" and the Surrey Hindu Cultural Association will always embrace the upliftment and support of all communities across Surrey. 


Ritesh Aswaney

Comms Manager

Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 21.15.38.png

Guru Pandit



Dr Shashank Sharma


Advisors & Volunteers



Volunteer & Advisor

Srikanth Pratapa.jpeg

Srikanth Pratapa

Advisor & Priest



Head Priest & Internal Auditor

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