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Happy Holi 2018

We associate Holi with a bonfire and of course with playing colours. There are two aspects to this festival, the Holi eve is when the bonfire is lit and we pray that all the negativity should get burnt in the fire. It's the ultimate victory of good over evil. The second part of Holi, is about welcoming the happiness, beauty and colours of the nature that begin to glow as the Spring season steps through our doors.

Each colour brings in its own beauty, it's own significance! When we celebrate with all the vibrant colours we get a

wonderful blend of all of them. Not only the faces but

also the moods get a dash of colours.

At our SHCA temple on Saturday 3rd March, along with all the colours there was a wonderful blend of different cultures that we celebrate together. The place was full of enthusiasm and positivity. Colourful faces spreading happiness all around made the community centre very lively.

The Indian festivals are considered incomplete without good food, and so there were a range of delicious homemade snacks prepared by all the hardworking ladies, who I am sure, never get bored in the kitchen. Hot and cold, sweet and savory, and spicy, daily and special.. each mouthwatering variety is served in its most authentic appearance and taste.

There was divine music for devotees as well as some fast beat Holi-festival tracks for the dance floor supporters. Kids got busy getting their face painted by a wonderful professional artist Leena, who had a stock of colours, shimmers and shines. There were balloons water guns and yummy cupcakes for them. Pottery stall by another versatile artist was one of the biggest attractions. Kids not only got a sense of actually creating something with clay but also learnt how important it is to have patience while giving shape to what we want to create.

Later on, a small 'Hasya-Kavita' (Comic Hindi Poems) program was performed by literature lovers which brought laughter and delight to the festivity. Comedy or Satire can give you a different perception of looking at things and can also be a reflection of your own deep thoughts at times.. It was indeed a great pleasure to experience so many different things under one roof.

We concluded with Aarati and offered help to our dear volunteers who must have worked hard to make the place clean and tidy before calling it a day. A huge thanks to the organisers and to all those who made this celebration memorable.

We look forward to more such events that add life to festivals.

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