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SHCA invites you to an eventful  Saturday

The communities from across India will meet to welcome the

Hindu (India) New Year 

Sat, 21-Apr-2018 5:30 pm Onwards

Sea Rangers Hall, New Community Centre, Woking Park Woking - GU22 9BA

Kids Movies

While the adults participate in events

Learn how the communities from across India celebrate the New Year

Come and tell us how your community

celebrates this time of the year

Enjoy the Cultural activities showcased by all age groups

Dance, Instrumental Music, Songs, Skits

Participate in fun Antyakshari

5 Lucky teams of three will play this Bollywood themed game - Send in your entries via or WhatsApp

Delicacies from across India

Dinner Sponsored by

Sri Jayakant Shah &

Smt Preetam Kaur

Food Caterers

Chennai Dosa Artisanz, Woking

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