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Guidelines for Stall Owners, Terms and Conditions

  • A maximum of 15 stalls to be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis

  • Some stall ideas

    • Chat Stall - Samosa Chat, Pani Puri, Dahi Bhallae, Bhel Puri

    • Food Stalls - Pav Bhaji, Missal Pav, Idli / Dosa

    • Dessert Stall – Ice Cream / Cakes and Pudding

    • Drinks Stall – Fresh Fruits, Tea & Coffee, Water

    • Games Stall

    • Advertise your own Home Business or Brand

    • Face Painting

  • Please be specific to what you wish to sell. We are moderating to ensure no two stalls are selling the same product or service.

  • Please price your products to make it affordable to you and prospective customers.

  • Fee / Donation to SHCA

    • Selling Product or Service at the event = 10% of sales or £25 whichever is lower

    • Own Brand / Home Business promotion = £25 or more as you wish.

  • To help with the flow of cash, only SHCA provided money-coupons will be used in the mela.


  • The following denominations will be available - £0.50, £1.0, £2.0 and £5.0. We therefore request you not to price your product for 0.25 or 0.75

  • Interested people will buy money coupons using cash / credit or debit card, and at the end of the event, stall owners can exchange the coupons for cash to their bank.

  • Important: If you are setting up food stall

    • We are going plastic-free at SHCA. If you are setting up a food stall, please ensure plastic-free / biodegradable tableware is used at your stalls

    • Please have a poster to show the ingredients used in your product, and warn the customers to check with you for food-allergies.

  • If you wish to advertise your stall with some posters, you are welcome to do so. We can make a colourful A3 size poster for you £5 donation per poster.

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